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Due to CIEMMADA’S constant capacity to renew and improve, nowadays we have achieved worlwide presence through 11 subsidiaries in 9 countries.

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General Pacheco, Province of Buenos Aires

Implementation of an interplant transportation system for Volkswagen Argentina.

This work was carried out from 2018 to 2021. The aim was, on the one hand, to upgrade the existing models production lines and, on the other hand, to install all the new required skid conveyor transport system, in order to manufacture the new models. The challenge here was beeing able to integrate both new and old production flows, adding too new intermediate buffers between body and painting plants, and painting and assembly plants.

The project was called Inter-plant because three facilities of the Volkswagen Argentina factory were involved. Those buildings are: Bodywork, Painting and Final Assembly.

Finally, the new lines started working on the first half of the year 2020. The whole project ended in May of 2021 with the official market launch of the latest vehicle model.

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We provide maintenance and assistance 365 days a year. We also can attend to any unexpected event at any moment under request. Thanks to the implication and hard-work of our qualified technicians, we are able to guarantee the installation’s perfect conditions.

Based on customer requirements, CIEMMADA can adjust its products and its working methodologies in different business areas and at different levels.

We are a group of companies with worldwide presence throug 8 subsidiaries all over the world

Today, CIEMMADA is a supplier company that manufactures high value-added handling systems. We are capable of meeting the clients needs in the execution of large and complex projects with customized solutions.


CIEMMADA has been doing business mainly in the automotive industry for eighteen years so far. In this time, it has developed and carried out multiple projects that demonstrate all the possibilities it can offer. Hence, the company not always attempt to find the optimal (transport or process) solution according to each customer/situation, but also it will always have the capability to adjust its work to different industrial areas.


Many clients around the world have already trusted in our experience and capacity to carry out their projects successfully.

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We work with passion and rigor every day. Our goal is to be continuously helping our customers achieve the highest standards..

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