Overhead Conveyors

We present different air transport systems: remarkably flexible in order to be able to adjust to any transport need that may arise.

This system avoids interference problems at ground level.


Electric Monorail System (EMS)

Power & Free

Chain or Friction Monorail

Inverted Skid

Electrified Monorail System (EMS)

The aerial transport is composed of different sizes of aluminum rails, electric conductor rails and an automotive trolley with transport frame adaptable to load requirements.

Both the conductor rail and the on-board motorization, guarantee the total independence of each item to be transported, as well as accurate speed control, positioning and distribution.

Through elements such as curves, convergent and divergent switches, crossing switches, accumulations, height change elevators, transfers, transfer stations… There are available multiple circuit configuration options.

Power & Free (P&F)

It's an aerial transport made up of a double rail system. Through one of the rails runs continuously the drag chain, and the other one consists of a carrying system on which the hooks are hung. The hooks can be adjusted according to the kind of pieces to be transported, so that they can be linked and unlinked to the drag chain as required.

This is a traditional air transport solution without a demanding management. It is used when a centralized handling of cargo items at constant speed is required and there are many turns and altimeters in the transport circuit.

There are available several options of circuit configuration, through elements such as horizontal and vertical curves, pushers for hook insertion and extraction, stops…

Chain or friction monorail

Aerial transport composed of a continuous drag chain on which the hooks for the loads to be transported are directly fixed.

This is a very suitable solution for the aerial transport of suspended loads, thus minimizing the complexity of the circuit and its components.

It is used for circuits that require continuous transport of the same load-type always (assembly lines, inspection, etc.). A man mover conveyor can be installed instead, so that the operator moves at the same speed along with the load during the processes. For example, as happens in the assembly processes that are carried out over the load.

This kind of overhead conveyor permits to configure the circuit layout through the use of vertical and horizontal curves.

Inverted Skid

The inverted skid is formed of roller tables and then it's fixed to an upper structure. The roller tables are arranged in a way that special skids can run through them. The distinctive feature of this skids is that, despite they are an aerial transport, they grab the transported elements from the lower surface of the roler table.

It is an air transport solution for skids, which is capable of carrying suspended loads. It’s used when the lower part of the load needs to be free.

The configuration options available for the roller tables are the same as for the traditional floor-mounted conveyor type.

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