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Our electronic department has developed his own device, which is able to manage and control the carriers in EMS transporters

Nowadays automation and production tasks require specific systems to handle and control them.

Because of this, CIEMMADA has its own product that permits for controlling transporting elements powered up by technologies based on electrified monorail system.

It is a control box for carriers that can be configured and adapted to the needs of each application. There are two versions of wired control boxes available, one based on starters and the other one based on inverters. In addition, there is a model is available that is semi-wireless. Only the power supply has physical transmission (4 conductors) and the communication is wireless, with the consequent reduction of the material necessary to perform the EMS circuit.

In addition to the shown application of our product for EMS control, we have another electronic control and measurement systems. Also if you can’t find the type of control you require among our products, you can bring your proposal to our R&D team and we will come up with a particular solution for you.

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