Professionals specialized in three engineering departments.

Human assets as the best value of the company

In CIEMMADA we are aware that what makes us market-competitive are our human resources. For this reason we have a multidisciplinary group of high qualified and experienced professionals. We demand technical training and extensive experience as essential qualities to join the team of professionals that make up CIEMMADA, because they are the best guarantees of our products and services.

Each customer’s project is managed, planned and technically directed by a qualified and experienced project team that strives in provide the optimum service to meet the objectives and requirements of our customers in terms of quality, time, safety and production.

Our company’s technical area is divided into three departments: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Software Engineering, where we have highly trained and experienced proffesionals in the sector, who make use of the latest technologies and computer tools to obtain the best results.

Our qualified personnel performs its work form the beginning drafts, assemblies, installation and commissioning, to the verification of the last details, its adjustment and perfect operation. At the same time, we comply with our Occupational Risk Prevention Management System, the regulations in force and our customers’ standards.

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Looking to the future

Offering high value-added services to our customers through our technology and innovation

We work with passion and rigor every day. Our goal is to be continuously helping our customers achieve the highest standards..

More than 40 years of experience

Certified processes

We carry on the entire internal production process

Geographic distribution of market / customers

Experience, skills and qualification in design and manufacturing processes

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